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Updated Tue, 17 Mar 2020 10:31 AM IST
Engine oil is very important for your vehicle. If the life of the vehicle is to be prolonged, then the choice of all engine oils also becomes important. So how to choose all the oils for your car? Given all the options for engine oil, choosing the right oil for your car can seem an impossible as well as daunting task. There is a mountain of information to know about the different engine oil options. So how to choose the best engine oil for your car. Here we are giving you all the information related to this important question. 

Car Engine Oil –

What does engine oil Engine oil increases the life of the engine of any vehicle. Apart from this, keeps the engine parts smooth through lubrication at high temperatures. This reduces friction in different parts of the engine. Engine oil is also helpful in reducing the temperature of the vehicle’s engine and keeping it cool. Along with this, the oil also cleans the carbon and dirt accumulated in the engine. 
How to choose
engine oil Engine oil should be selected according to the model of the vehicle. Engine life, performance and its safety in the long run are determined by engine oil. Engine technology has changed over time. Therefore, automobile companies decide engine oil considering the engine capacity of the car. There is different engine oil for petrol engine and diesel engine. How to choose the best engine oil for your car. The first honest step to answering this question is quite simple, and that is to read the car’s manual. Use the same engine oil as the automobile company has recommended for your car. 
Oil Lubricity Important While
buying engine oil for your vehicle, it is important to keep in mind that what is its viscosity. The higher the viscosity of the oil, the higher the lubricity. Due to the high temperature in the engine, the oil’s lubricity decreases over time. At the same time, due to burning, the engine oil also gets reduced. Along with this, due to constant friction in many compartments of the engine, the oil also gets dirty, which reduces its lubricity. Therefore, the viscosity of engine oil should be checked. 
Different oil
vehicle for petrol engine runs on which fuel like petrol, diesel, CNG or LPG. This is how engine oil is selected. The RPM of a petrol engine is high i.e. its speed is high. For this reason automobile companies recommend using W5-30 oil for vehicles with petrol engines. 
Different oil for
diesel engine The combustion system of diesel engine is different. In this, a mixture of fuel and air is blasted under high pressure. In such a situation, the performance of the engine is good and the components of the engine do not wear out quickly, for this it is very important to have high lubricity in the oil. Apart from this, a lot of carbon accumulates in the diesel engine. For this reason automobile companies recommend using engine oil with a viscosity higher than W15-40 for diesel engined vehicles. 

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