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A while back we told our readers how a Maruti Baleno was made like a Mercedes in Kerala even though it was seized by the RTO . Now another such case has come to the fore. The Motor Vehicles Department of Kerala has seized the Mitsubishi lenser car because it was modified like a Ferrari. Read: This Tata car coming to compete with Elite i20 and Baleno, this will be the price 

This car belonged to Rashid, a resident of Thirunavaya. The RTO has given Rashid 15 days to bring the car back to its original look. If he is unable to do so, he will be fined heavily, as well as the registration of the car will also be cancelled. 

Modified Mitsubishi lenser got a new front bumper, modified hood, new rear bumper, a bigger spoiler. It has not been revealed whether any changes have been made to the engine. Let us tell you that it is illegal to make any changes in the vehicle without the permission of the RTO and the police can also take action on this basis. 

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