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Tripling on two-wheeler will be allowed when petrol price reaches to Rs 200/liter

Assam BJP president, Bhabesh Kalita stated that if petrol touches Rs 200 per litre, the government of Assam will allow the tripling on two-wheelers. This happened during an event that was held in Tamulpur.  

He suggested that the government will allow three people on one bike and even manufacture three-seater two-wheeler vehicles. According to him, to save fuel people should avoid buying luxury cars and opt for tripling on a two-wheeler.

However, he added, there is regular hike in fuel prices, as of October 18, the price of petrol in Guwahati is Rs 102.12 per litre, and diesel price is Rs 94.70 per litre. The cost of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinder has touched Rs 948.50 for 14.2 kg in the city.

Assam Congress leader Angkita Dutta sarcastically thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the recent increase in fuel prices which has now accelerated to a record-breaking price.

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