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Porche has launched a couple of e-bikes. But they will cost a fortune. Check out all the features.

June 19, 2021 • 1 min read

Check out Porsche's e-bikes that cost a fortune

German carmaker Porsche is known all over the world for its performance oriented cars. Recently it unvelied its latest electric vehicle Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo. Along with that, Porche also launched two full-suspension electric bikes. These bikes are luxury car maker’s first electric bicycles.

The e-bikes are dubbed as Porsche Sport and Porsche Cross electric bikes. Both of them are designed for different use cases. Porsche Sport can be used a a regular road bike for everyday use and you can buy Cross bike for off-road adventures.

Porsche Sport e-bike will come with full-suspensions, carbon fiber frame and would weigh less than 48 pounds. It will also offer integrated front and rear lights. The bikes are powered by a Shimano mid-drive motor.  Porche Sport will come at a premium price tag of about $10,700. Well, that’s also the price of a premium hatchback in India!

Porsche Cross also comes packed with a Shimano mid-drive and a carbon fiber frame. It also comes with full suspension for a comfortable ride even on a bumpy terrains. For braking, the Cross will have Magura-MT Trail hydraulic disc brakes. The discs of the brakes are extra-large and “heat resistant.” This bike is slightly heavier at 48.7 pounds and is priced at $8,549.

Both the bikes will use the same Shimano EP8 motor. It is smaller than the previous versions but will provide up to 25 km/h of pedal-assisted support.

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